Hometown is the place where a person belongs. Chinese people have special feelings about their hometown. No matter where they go, they won’t abandon it and always make some time to visit. My hometown brings me so many happy memories and I wish it could keep its original face forever.

Two years ago, I lived in my hometown. It is a small village, so people there get familiar with each other. When we walked on the country road, everyone smiled when we saw each other. There was no distance for us. In the daytime, I liked to go boating in the small river with my friends, or sometimes I could catch fish. The green trees around me and I could hear the birds singing all the time. It was a paradise for me.

However, even the small paradise can’t avoid being polluted seriously. The environment is no more clean, the river becomes smaller and the water is so dirty. When I see this, I feel so pity. If we lose the clean land, how can we survive for long. Protecting the environment is in need.